I Went on a Holiday to the Country You Fled From photography book

Graphic Design + Copy Editor

In I Went on a Holiday to the Country You Fled From, Dutch photographer Iris Haverkamp Begemann explores identity and privilege. Guided by memories and hand-printed maps by Mexican trans writer and activist Alejandra Ortiz, Haverkamp Begemann went on a holiday to the country Ortiz fled from—Mexico. The photography series weaves together experiences of belonging and rejection to create an intimate portrait of identity and the complex ways that it dictates personal freedom.

R+T helped produce the photography book to showcase the series. Next to conceptualizing and designing the photography book, Tjade was closely involved in the initial photo selection for the exhibition in Melkweg Expo (2022). Roxy assisted with copy edits and crafting the book’s description and story.

Year: 2024
Linen hardcover with debossed titles and handwriting
Tip-in cover photo
Two paper stocks: 90g Arena Rough Ivory and 135g Gardapat Klassika
112 pages
28 x 26 cm

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